The Better World Network will strive to create a world based upon seven foundations:

Economic Fairness
Comprehensive Peace
Ecological Sustainability
Deep Democracy
Social Justice
Culture Of Simplicity
Revitalized Community

Empower People With Everyday Actions

The Better World Network
will empower individuals to take actions in their everyday lives that uphold and promote the seven foundations by:

Encouraging actions that are sustainable for the average person and combining social change with individual needs and goals;
Providing well-researched, objective information;
Providing practical and effective tools the individual can use to make a difference.

Create A Better World Community

The Better World Network
will strive to create a support network of individuals dedicated to a better world by:

Maintaining a website, message board, newsletter, and e-mail listserv.
Providing a forum for communication between individuals;
Connecting individuals and groups to effective social change organizations.

Support Teachers And Leaders In Making The Seven Foundations A Reality

The Better World Network
will provide support for individuals and groups who wish to further the 7 principles by:

Providing educational and action materials to local support/study groups;
Leading workshops and/or training sessions;
Helping community organizers enroll everyday folks in their causes;
Providing small grants for local projects (when the budget permits).